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If you work in the IT industry and handle various clients you’ve probably come across the term CRM software. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a phrase that refers to strategies, practices and systems that companies use to manage their customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the aim of improving business relationships with customers. If you haven’t heard about this, then this might be quite an insightful post to read.
A CRM software is a centralized place where all the business information is kept, making it easy for employees to understand the relationship between their business and a client. Using a CRM gives clarity to the relationship shared with the client, also giving insight to how the client should be dealt with. Any CRM software is built to showcase people and the business relationships information, making it a powerful tool for constant growth businesses.

Apart from just aiding in understanding the business relationship, a CRM will help store sensitive data in a secure location utilizing a user friendly method of obtaining the information needed. Using a CRM which is web based also makes it easier to connect to the information remotely where it can be used from anywhere.
It’s 2016, businesses are booming, the technology is out there and should be utilized. Businesses are all eager to network themselves, gaining leads and potential clients and it’s important to keep track of these potential clients. Knowing what the company does, who they are and how you could potentially pitch to them could benefit your business.

Where does MAP IT come in?

We have created a module in our MAP.SUITE system which is called MAP.CRM. Effectively we have created a module which can help you store all your client’s details as you desire with the potential to customize the system further.
Want to find out more about our tailor made CRM software? Check out the MAP.SUITE portal where you can sign up for a trial version of all our modules which form part of the Map.SUITE systems, including the CRM or contact us for more details at [email protected].