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As of 2022 MAP IT is proud to announce our partnership with ELO Digital Office.  ELO Digital Office is a company known worldwide for its innovative products, particularly the ELO ECM Suite.

It is vital for a business’s success to have efficient & automated processes while also having information available no matter when or where. This is why an intelligent ECM system that is both flexible and versatile is needed.

This is where ELO ECM Suite comes into play, digitizing your business processes which allow you to save valuable time while minimizing your costs and amplifying the security of your company data.

The benefits of ELO ECM suite can be split into the following factors:

Finding the information needed quickly and easily

Managing the data in compliance with legal requirements

Documents can be processed in a customisable workflow

Enables collaboration amongst teams

Enables transparent business processes

A look at the ELO ECM Suite:

Finding the information needed in the blink of an eye

Within the ELO ECM Suite the intelligent ELO iSearch allows you to search for and find a specific document or a piece of information instantly. ELO iSearch searches your entire ELO software repository as well as any other integrated third-party applications you might have such as ERP, CRM, and e-mail systems.

Managing the data in compliance with legal requirements

ELO ECM Suite offers the platforms and tools required to ensure compliance with data privacy and security requirements. Thanks to advanced encryption technology, all of your business data is stored securely at all times. Access control, logging, and a sophisticated permissions system ensure additional protection.

Document Workflows

ELO ECM Suite provides a range of intelligent tools that allow fast, automated processing of paper-based and digital documents in the mailroom. With ELO Smart Input, for example, you save a lot of time from processing the documents, be it invoices, contracts etc.  The tool automatically recognizes the type of document and extracts any relevant information within seconds. This data is available for further processing right away within the system. The eliminates the manual task and saves a lot of time.

Enables collaboration amongst teams

This ECM Suite provides an array of tools for optimized & efficient collaboration. The ELO feed provides a platform for teams to communicate with each other as well as exchange information regarding different documents. Group topics can even use hashtags to group-specific information as well as carrying out polls among colleagues.


Download the ELO ECM Suite product brochure for more information

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