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February 2024

MAP IT adds Sharperlight to growing portfolio.

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One of the solutions that MAP IT is implementing is Sharperlight. Sharperlight stands out as the swiftest and most adaptable reporting tool for your organization, providing your team with effortless data access and distribution capabilities. It goes beyond catering solely to the finance team, but extending its reporting functionality across the entire organization. This includes the option for reports to overlay other business systems & software, offering a comprehensive overview.

The suite of pre-configured reports that come with Sharperlight empowers users to generate and modify reports with the following features effectively:

  • Accessibility through web browsers, facilitating self-service reporting.
  • Real-time updates and automatic integration with Microsoft Excel, eliminating the need for manual data manipulation.
  • Automatic distribution via email on a scheduled basis to pertinent stakeholders and employees.

Sharperlight enables users to independently create and adjust reports without requiring IT intervention or expert consultation. To also enhance user proficiency, the solution provides the means of instructional videos and a comprehensive guide for users to maximize its benefits at their own pace.

Sharperlight consolidates all the necessary reporting functionalities into a unified solution, including:

  • Sharperlight Web Reporting:

This feature enables the presentation of both report listings and visual data representations. Reports can be designed directly within the web application or created in Excel and subsequently published online.

Access control through security measures ensures that users only view relevant data. Users with permission can modify selection criteria, rerun reports, or drill down to explore underlying data.

Support for web dashboards, allowing users to interact with graphs and widgets within a single view. This offers a swift overview of organizational performance based on various data sources or systems.

  • Excel Add-on for Real-Time Reporting:

Utilize the Excel Add-on feature in Sharperlight to access and design management, statutory reports, and address ad-hoc requests effortlessly through an intuitive, wizard-driven report builder. These reports can be viewed in real-time or scheduled for recurring distribution.

Customize the appearance of your reports using Excel’s formatting capabilities. Reports can offer summaries at various levels or detailed listings, allowing for drill-downs to explore underlying or related data.

Sharperlight seamlessly integrates with the latest Excel versions, including Microsoft Office 365 and 64-bit Excel, ensuring prompt updates. Moreover, it supports internet-based operations, eliminating the need for technologies like Citrix or Remote Desktop to view reports through the Excel add-in.

  • Automated Email Distribution:

The scheduler feature automates the distribution of reports on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis, simplifying information dissemination within your organization. Reports can be tailored to individual recipients; for instance, the scheduler can send a ‘Profit and Loss’ report to each department head or project manager, ensuring each recipient receives only relevant information.

  • Write-Back of Data into Other Systems:

Sharperlight facilitates the upload of transactional and static data, such as accounts, customers, suppliers, and addresses. Data can be directly uploaded into other systems as well. The write-back functionality proves invaluable for users needing to swiftly upload complex or extensive journals, budgeting, or forecast data.

  • Reporting Across Multiple Systems:

One of Sharperlight’s standout features is its ability to report across multiple data sources. Sharperlight can interface with most standard databases, including Microsoft SQL, Access, Oracle, MySQL, or Firebird, among others. The rapid reporting capabilities of Sharperlight empower organizations to make informed, data-driven decisions, accelerating growth and profitability.


If you’d like to find out more about how Sharperlight can simplify your reporting, send us an email on [email protected] or call on 21359119.