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March 2024

SAP Analytics Cloud

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We would like to announce that MAP IT has added a premium analytics product to its portfolio – SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). SAC is an integrated cloud-based analytics solution developed by SAP, the leading enterprise software provider. It’s engineered to empower organizations with advanced analytics, business intelligence (BI), and planning functionalities within a unified platform. SAC offers the following key features:

Unified Analytics: SAC consolidates various analytics capabilities, including BI, predictive analytics, and planning, into a single platform. This integration enables users to analyse data from diverse sources, derive insights, and make well-informed decisions efficiently.

Cloud-Native: As a cloud-native solution, SAC enables users to access analytics tools and data from any location with internet connectivity. This fosters seamless collaboration among teams and facilitates real-time decision-making processes.

Data Connectivity: SAC provides connectors to a wide array of data sources, spanning SAP and non-SAP systems, databases, cloud applications, and spreadsheets. This facilitates the aggregation of data from disparate sources for comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Visualization and Reporting: SAC boasts advanced visualization capabilities, allowing users to create interactive dashboards, charts, and reports. Users can tailor visualizations, delve into data details, and craft impactful presentations to convey insights effectively.

Predictive Analytics: SAC incorporates built-in predictive analytics functionalities, enabling users to apply machine learning algorithms to historical data for forecasting future trends, detecting patterns, and making data-driven predictions.

Planning and Budgeting: SAC empowers organizations to conduct planning, budgeting, and forecasting activities seamlessly within the same platform. Users can develop models, allocate resources, and collaborate on plans in real time.

Embedded Collaboration: SAC features collaboration tools that facilitate the sharing of insights, annotations, and comments among team members. This promotes collaborative decision-making and enables stakeholders to collaborate effectively on analysis tasks.

Security and Governance: SAC is equipped with robust security measures to safeguard data and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. These measures include role-based access control, encryption, and audit trails to protect sensitive information effectively.

SAP Analytics Cloud provides a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to harness data for improved decision-making, planning, and performance management. With its cloud-native architecture, integrated analytics capabilities, and advanced features, SAC emerges as a potent tool suitable for businesses across various industries and scales. If you are interested and would like to know more about SAP Analytics Cloud, please contact us here.