What is B1BAZAAR?

B1Bazaar by Accelon is a comprehensive ERP solution tailored for the retail industry, leveraging SAP Business One to streamline and optimize retail operations. It offers advanced retail POS software, real-time inventory management, and multi-store management capabilities, enabling businesses to efficiently manage inventory, sales, and customer relationships across single or multiple store locations.


Point of Sales (POS)

A robust ERP solution tailored for the retail sector, supporting seamless integration with multiple entries. This integration facilitates the management of diverse data for micro-level operations through user-friendly terminals, ensuring efficient handling of retail operations at every level


SAP Business One, with its built-in capabilities such as drag-and-drop functionality across various distribution channels, can efficiently execute scheduled deliveries to different regions simultaneously.


Retailers can effortlessly manage their accounting with Accelon’s SAP B1 for retail, which provides a comprehensive suite of tools necessary to handle all financial aspects of your business while maintaining consistent management.

Implementing a credit management system to gain control over collaborative merchandising simplifies various elements of the process, leading to maximum growth.
Enhance retail business strengths through various technological means and manage customer communication with an expanded scope of business activities.
Utilize B1Bazaar to streamline both internal and external processes with its robust reporting and analytics features. These capabilities can simplify the complexities associated with emerging retail trends.
Loyalty Programs & Schemes

With SAP B1 + B1Bazaar, you can generate and customize a variety of promotions and schemes to enhance sales. Additionally, you have the ability to communicate with consumers through WhatsApp, SMS, and email.

Manage Multiple Stores

Establishing new stores is effortless, and you can have them up and running in no time with our retail management software. Designed for various retail enterprises, it seamlessly manages grocery stores, fashion boutiques, chains of stores, and supermarkets with ease.

Discover How B1Bazaar Optimizes Your Retail Business

Explore an overview of B1Bazaar and witness how it seamlessly streamlines your retail operations when integrated.