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Why use a custom website for your business?

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Having a website in the digital age is vital for any business. A social media page is important but is definitely not enough to compete within such highly competitive markets, both with local and international competitors. Therefore, having a combination of a well-designed and functional web and a social media page will reap many benefits.

Some might argue that they do not need an online presence as they do not provide e-commerce however potential customers are expecting to see your brand online so that they can gather information prior to making their purchasing decision. If you’re not found online the probability is that your customer base will decrease and you’ll be losing out on numerous potential customers.

How to stand out in the crowd!?

Having said that, simply having a website is not enough. You must use various tools to ensure that your clients are directed easily to your website. If this is not done it will be lost with thousands of other websites. That is why SEO (search engine optimisation) is key to ensure that your website is one of the top links on search engines.

Constantly updating content on your website is very important for a couple of reasons, mainly:

Keeping your customers updated with that is going on with your company
Maintaining and improving your search engine ranking

Website services at MAP IT??

At MAP IT we focus on proving our clients with the whole package; a well designed and functional website that will make your business stand out in the crowd of numerous competitors.

With the use of WordPress sites, we can design your beautiful new website and apply our skill set & experience to incorporate SEO best practises to help your website rank well on search engines and improve your presence on the internet.

Finally, apart from WordPress websites, at MAP IT we also offer custom software development to cater for your business requirements such as – Online Bookings, E-commerce, Timesheets, CRM, Job Scheduling and much more. Contact us here to get to know more!

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Choosing the Right Software for your Business

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In today’s competitive world, whether the size of your business is small or large, the need for choosing the most adequate software is vital for survival. Most businesses find it difficult when deciding whether to opt for custom-built or off-the-self software. There are numerous attributes you need to consider when making strategic decisions around business software. Given their distinct features, it is suggested to analyse, in advance, which software best assists you in measuring business development, improve performance and increase productivity.

Custom-built Software

Custom-built software is the type of software particularly built to fit a business process. It features and accommodates your businesses’ preferences and requirements.

Building bespoke software is frequently considered as expensive when compared to buying off-the-self software. The design and development of a custom software requires the effort of  several professionals, each bringing particular skills such as analysts, programmers and hardware and software specialists, which incur the cost of a bespoke software. Despite the price discrepancy, custom software is tailored to help in your product development. As your business grows you might have to include additional features or departments to the software. Thus, custom-build software is ideal as it is built in a scalable way as it evolves with your company to provide an ongoing perfect fit.  It is more flexible and can be altered and modified based on your business changes.

Off-the-shelf Software

Off-the-shelf software is an open-source solution produced to cater for perceived needs of a particular market or sector. Off-the-shelf software are usually bought against a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

This type of software is often available to implement straight away and is easy to install and use. This facilitates employees to acquaint quicker with the new software. Moreover, frequent updates of off-the-shelf software are usually intended to target new technological advances, incorporating new features and benefits. In addition to that, a trail version is available for most of the off-the-shelf software. This helps you determine whether the software is valuable for your business process.


We understand that no business is the same. For this reason we acknowledge the requisite of both custom-build and off-the-self software for any type of business. Therefore, apart from providing our MAP.SUITE software, we also offer information technology consultancy, web design and custom software development services to guarantee a software solution which fits your business requirements. Our main objective is to augment our clients’ businesses by accomplishing to their requests.

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Why is a Job Scheduling Solution necessary in your company?

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Keeping your goals and targets as your main priority during a day full of meetings and last minute tasks can be difficult. For this reason we recommend incorporating a job scheduling solution within your company. In fact, proper job planning and scheduling enhances your company’s flow and performance.

Why Job Scheduling?

Apart from making it easy to handle requests from your customers and schedule jobs for your employees, job scheduling gives you the power to combine time tracking and scheduling.

With the job scheduling solution integrated in your company systems you should be able to optimise the job flow and ensure that everything is running in the correct order.

Various companies don’t recognise the need of a job scheduler until they realize that job scheduling is taking up a substantial amount of time in the day-to-day operations of their company.

What are the benefits of Job Scheduling?

A good job scheduling solution aims to reduce operation costs, increase productivity and reduces the burden of inputting repetitive jobs. Also, one of the aim objectives of a job scheduling software is to make better use of personnel and resources.

Cost reduction:

Job scheduling software decreases your company’s costs by reducing the number of personnel required to perform particular tasks. Whilst over-staffing increases costs, under-staffing leads to a decrease in income and unsatisfied customers. Therefore, job scheduling software assists your company in finding the right number of personnel to meet the demand.


Job scheduling increases the company’s productivity as it relies on the hours required to complete a particular task and the job duties.

Repetitive Tasks:

Automated scheduling guarantees that repetitive jobs are not disregarded or run out of sequence, that specific tasks are completed successfully and that the data inputted is correct.

What does MapIT offer?

MAP IT has created a module in our MAP.SUITE system especially dedicated to Job Scheduling; with the name MAP.JOB. Effectively, we have created a module which allows you to use information entered by your employees to generate the proper rosters timesheets and most importantly invoices.

Want to find out more about our tailor made Job Scheduling software? Check out the MAP.SUITE portal where you can sign up for a trial version of all our modules which form part of the Map.SUITE systems, including the Job Scheduling or contact us for further details at [email protected]

Why should you use a WordPress Website?

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Modern day society is being dominated by a company’s online presence through web and social media. A great tool in the arsenal of a good business is the use of a WordPress website to improve their online presence. A business needs to take certain things into consideration for users on the internet if they wish to stay afloat in a sea of competition.

Wordpress Website Malta

What can you do to have a better online presence?

Firstly you need to cater for the bulk of internet traffic. Having a well designed and stylish website is all well and good, however there is more to a website than just a fancy design. This is done by having a responsive website, meaning that the website re-adjusts the content layout according to the screen size of the user. The WordPress Websites that MAP IT build cater for this.

What’s the benefit for this?

Roughly 55% of Web Traffic in Europe is now being generated through mobile devices. This means that if your website isn’t up to scratch for a mobile device you could very easily lose your audiences attention.
Moreover, if your website caters for features which are specialized for your business it’s important that this works on desktop as well as mobile devices.


Why Change Your Functioning Site For A New WordPress Website?

We believe in return on investment. A new website could mean the difference between capturing your next client’s attention or not. We’ve carried out research as to what entices people to use a company when carrying out research on who to choose. Clients, most often, chose a company to work with based on their presence online and price.
The websites we can provide are fully customisable so the possibilities for your next website are endless. There are plugins for all functionalities these days which means the limits of your websites are your needs and beyond.


What do we have to offer?

MAP IT focus on providing well designed and functional websites. We base these on templates which are readily available to the open market, but work out the best business logic to implement features on the site by using off the shelf plugins.
Our Websites are built with digital marketing tactics in mind which will help your site rank well on search engines. The WordPress platform which we utilise allows for SEO tactics to be implemented and digital marketing efforts to improve a websites presence on the web.
We offer websites which cater for taking online bookings, purchasing of products, booking courses, reservations for restaurants apart from the normal basic websites.



What’s the next step?

Contact us and see what we can do for you and how it could benefit you.

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Utilizing Time Tracking Software at Work


Every business wants to know where the bulk of its time is being spent by it’s employees. Every business wants to have the perfect workflow with comprehensive data about the day to day tasks its employees carry out. This is why a good time tracking software is a powerful tool to use.

Tracking time through excel sheets, stop watches and rough pieces of paper are a thing of the past. MAP IT have come up with a solution to collecting quantitative as well as qualitative data through an off the shelf software that any business can integrate into their systems. MAP.TIME, which forms part of the MAP.SUITE, is the proprietary software which was created for individuals to log their time spent on tasks using timesheets.

Essentially a timesheet is created when an employee is working on a specific task, which can be added to a project or a client. This means that as an employee works on a project, time spent on tasks can be tracked and billed for with a clearer overview of the time allocations.


Improved Time Tracking

Every business needs a time tracking software to help make task and project management simpler. Tracking the time that employees spend on each of the projects, and determining which of the tasks is the most important, will make it easier for the employees to manage their work

Task Efficiency

If employees track their times, they can get a better understanding on how long their tasks are taking. This way data can be gathered on how long an employee spent on a task, estimate how much time could be potentially be left on a task and inform their manager whether they will be able to make the stipulated deadline or not. It will also help an employee evaluate what tasks he might need to focus more on or if that employee would like to train himself further on a certain topic.

Project Planning

Time tracking software can also give you a better understanding of exactly what is happening in your business. It can provide the project manager with an overview of the current project statuses as well as where the team is spending their time and efforts. For a project manager, this is extremely helpful. Once this information is gathered, the project manager can rearrange projects and tasks, and provide help to those teams that need it, all while staying on track to meet their goals.

Future Project and Task Estimates

Gathering the information from the timesheets means that the project managers can look back at previous similar projects and should be able to hand out estimates for projects without the need to interrupt a team member every time. This also means that the project manager can see where progress has been made by employees from one task to another similar task.

Wage Calculation

The system MAP IT have created will allow the employees to do more than just track their time. They create timesheets, which the employers can then use to help with payroll. This can be very helpful in making sure that the employees all receive the payment due for the time they worked on their tasks and projects.

Accurate Invoicing

Possibly one of the most important benefits of a time tracking software is that it allows one to accurately bill a client. If your business bills clients based on time spent on a task rather than a set price project, this sort of software can ensure that you do not charge the clients the wrong amount. Overcharging your client due to no time being kept could leave the task carried in a bad light and potentially an angry client. On the other hand, if you are not billing enough for your services, you will be losing money.

In business, showing that your timings and billing is fair and correct means that the client will automatically have more faith in the work being carried out and will also appreciate the honesty displayed. It also means that as long as an hourly rate is set, all the time spent on a task is justifiable. This could also mean that the client will be more likely to return in the future.

Alternatively you can go down the route of using automated excel sheets like the ones found here: Excel Timesheets and Timetracker. These can also be useful for going about keep track of timesheets.

Want to find out more about our tailor made time tracking software? Check out the MAP.SUITE portal where you can sign up for a trial version of all our modules which form part of the MAP.SUITE systems, including the MAP.TIME or contact us for more details at [email protected]

What is a CRM?


If you work in the IT industry and handle various clients you’ve probably come across the term CRM software. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a phrase that refers to strategies, practices and systems that companies use to manage their customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the aim of improving business relationships with customers. If you haven’t heard about this, then this might be quite an insightful post to read.
A CRM software is a centralized place where all the business information is kept, making it easy for employees to understand the relationship between their business and a client. Using a CRM gives clarity to the relationship shared with the client, also giving insight to how the client should be dealt with. Any CRM software is built to showcase people and the business relationships information, making it a powerful tool for constant growth businesses.

Apart from just aiding in understanding the business relationship, a CRM will help store sensitive data in a secure location utilizing a user friendly method of obtaining the information needed. Using a CRM which is web based also makes it easier to connect to the information remotely where it can be used from anywhere.
It’s 2016, businesses are booming, the technology is out there and should be utilized. Businesses are all eager to network themselves, gaining leads and potential clients and it’s important to keep track of these potential clients. Knowing what the company does, who they are and how you could potentially pitch to them could benefit your business.

Where does MAP IT come in?

We have created a module in our MAP.SUITE system which is called MAP.CRM. Effectively we have created a module which can help you store all your client’s details as you desire with the potential to customize the system further.
Want to find out more about our tailor made CRM software? Check out the MAP.SUITE portal where you can sign up for a trial version of all our modules which form part of the Map.SUITE systems, including the CRM or contact us for more details at [email protected].