B1 Usability Package

Deliver the best user experience by tailoring and automating SAP Business One !

The B1 Usability Package (B1UP) is an award-winning solution designed to enable you to customize and automate SAP Business One effortlessly, making it ready to face the most diverse scenarios and challenges. B1UP brings a new depth of versatility to SAP Business One, ensuring a flawless user experience and giving you the competitive edge that you need to drive your organization to success.

Key features & benefits


Data quality is crucial for a system’s information flow, as incorrect data can severely affect business operations & decision-making. Make SAP Business One foolproof for data quality by creating validation rules to ensure data accuracy, using templates for quick & error-free data entry, and implementing mass updates to documents and master data records easily.


User expectations for enterprise software have risen due to easy-to-use mobile apps, driving the need for more fluid interactions. Enhance user experience and productivity with B1UP by customising SAP Business One windows for each user, providing personalised system notifcations, improving navigation with custom buttons and right-click menus, quickly finding information with a Google-style search tool, assing items or Business Partner data from marketing documents, and making SAP Business One smarter overall.


Customise and automate processes efficiently with the B1 Usability Package for SAP Business One. Set up business rules easily with the Validation System. Design macros to eliminate manual tasks through Automation. Connect with other systems and interfaces to go further. Assign automated activites to team members for better collaboration. Update rates with global providers using Exchange Rates. Integrate popular modules with Beas Manufacturing via the Beas Usability Extension. Manage authorisations effortlessly with Administration Tools.


Data is the bedrock of your organisation’s most critical asset information. Employing a data-driven approach to understand your customers, business performance, and organisational effectiveness instills confidence in decison-making.

For comprehensive SAP Business One utilisation, B1UP offers a suite of reporting and analytics tools including B1 Dashboards for real-time data analysis accessible via the web, Data Visualisation for vibrant data representation, Custom Reports for tailored insights based on HANA or SQL, and Crystal Reports for detailed, customised reporting.

B1 Print & Delivery

Improve business communication and team collaboration

B1 Print & Delivery (B1P&D) automates the entire communication flow in SAP Business One. It enables employees to maximize their productivity by handling day-to-day repetitive communication-related tasks,such as emailing, viewing, printing, and saving documents and reports.

B1P&D also boosts team synergy by delivering customized messages through collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams or Slack, as well as sending activities and internal messages within SAP Business One to your team members. All of this is entirely automated. Let B1 Print & Delivery take care of the work, while your team focuses on achieving their business objectives.

Key features & benefits


Automating processes with B1 Print & Delivery is essential for any company looking to minimize costs, boost efficiency, and save time. By freeing up employees from repetitive tasks, they can dedicate their time to more critical activities, enhancing productivity. Moreover, automated, targeted, and personalized communication facilitated by B1 Print & Delivery helps in building and maintaining customer engagement, leading to improved customer retention. The integration with B1 iPayment streamlines financial processes, enabling end-to-end automation from invoicing to cash collection, while also providing transparency through real-time account status updates for customers and suppliers. Additionally, automating billing letters or emails with the Dunning Wizard aids in debt collection, while features like digital signatures and password protection ensure data security. Ultimately, B1 Print & Delivery promotes greater collaboration by automating workflow activities, ensuring seamless operations.


Empower your communication strategy with B1 Print & Delivery’s versatile features. Tailor documents to hit the target audience effectively by selecting the most suitable layout on the go. Personalise interactions with customers and suppliers, catering to their preferences and languages with specific content and document designs. Ensure accuracy by scheduling timely delivery of the right information. Enhance email communication with enriched content, multiple attachments, recipient grouping, and multi-language support via Microsoft Exchange, SMTP, or directly through Microsoft Outlook. Keep your team informed and aligned with business objectives and internal communication through seamless integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack. Moreover, extend connectivity by crafting custom JSON code to link with any application allowing HTTP calls.


Take the leap into seamless automation with SAP Business One and B1 Print & Delivery. By inputting your data into SAP, let B1 Print & Delivery handle the rest, automating communication through various actions like emailing, printing, viewing, and saving without any user intervention. Elevate your automation game further by integrating B1 Print & Delivery actions with the customization potential of B1 Usability Package macros, enabling unprecedented levels of automation within SAP Business One. Say goodbye to manual tasks as B1 Print & Delivery fires multiple actions simultaneously, streamlining your processes. With three distinct automation modes—triggered by user event, batch, or schedule—optimize each task-flow within SAP Business One according to your needs. Even if hard copies are still a necessity, B1 Print & Delivery ensures efficient printing by setting parameters for each layout and handling everything from copy numbers to dynamic printer selection in remote environments.


Harness the power of proven business logic with B1 Print & Delivery, aligning its logic with the familiar B1 Usability Package Validation System. Tailor triggers to user events and system responses, enabling B1P&D to address any communication challenge your business faces. Adapt B1 Print & Delivery actions to your requirements through conditional statements or redefined SAP Business One events, ensuring the system conforms to your processes. Enjoy comprehensive document coverage with over 40 ready-to-use layouts for common SAP Business One documents, spanning various modules like Sales, Purchase, Finance, and more, with the ability to map additional SAP documents for specific scenarios. Guarantee compatibility by utilizing document layouts and reports in Crystal Reports, saving them in multiple file formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, and more. Simplify maintenance and customization with all-in-one layouts for SAP Business One Marketing Documents, ensuring effortless control and oversight of your communication processes.

CRM for Outlook

Grow your business by building strong connections with people that matter

CRM for Outlook provides instant access to essential information and makes it easy to perform SAP Business One tasks from within in Outlook, enabling employees from all departments to respond swiftly and accurately to leads, customers and suppliers.

Your company needs to provide a flawless experience to its business partners at every step of the way, and the key principles for success are:
1. Instant access to accurate information
2. Respond quickly to business partner requests
CRM for Outlook is the ultimate solution for developing great relationships inside and outside your business, delivering the key benefits which will drive your company to achieve outstanding results.

Key features & benefits


CLOSE YOUR DEAL – S0 Create and track sales opportunities, driving their progress through each sales cycle stage.
MANAGE ACTIVITIES – Follow up on your sales opportunities, never letting them get cold.
KPIs and CHARTS – Keep track of your progress with out-of-the box sales widgets.
MAILCHIMP INTEGRATION -Easily create email lists for your marketing campaigns using B1 MailChimp.


SHORTCUTS TO SAP- Navigate to documents and reports in SAP
Business One with a single click.
CUSTOM REPORTS – Run your own reports and charts from B1 Usability Package.
CUE-CARDS – A handy summary of open SAP Business One
TIMELINE – View recent interactions with customers and suppliers.
SEARCH TOOL -Look up throughout SAP Business One for contacts, emails, phone numbers, addresses and more.
DATA SOURCES – Get data from multiple SQL or HANA databases.


CALENDAR SYNCHRONIZATION- SAP Business One activities and Outlook calendar entries always in sync.
TO DO LIST – Work proactively by always knowing what to do next.


STAY IN OUTLOOK – Work from the familiar Outlook environment,
saving time and enabling users to get up and running quickly.
CREATE SAP DOCUMENTS – Use Outlook to add or update sales documents, activities, service calls and business partners’ records and to view purchase documents and invoices.
SAP CONTEXT-SENSITIVE TAB – Access all relevant information about business partners in one place.
MyDATA TAB – Quickly manage your activities, documents and reports from your own personal tab.
GOOGLE MAPS INTEGRATION – View the location of business partners’ addresses and get driving directions on the fly.
MAKE CALLS – Conveniently call to SAP Business One contacts using VoIP applications such as Skype.
WORK ON THE GO – Use Outlook to access SAP Business One
data, just by having an Internet connection


TEAMWORK – Keep all employees up to date through company-wide access to CRM FOR OUTLOOK.
EMAIL TRACKING – Link important emails to SAP Business One
records, providing your team with a history of all communications.
SHARE FILES – Attach files to SAP Business One using integrations with Dropbox, Amazon S3 or FTP.
REPORT ABSENCES – Let others know when you’re not available or
see all absentees in your organisation.

B1 iPayment

B1 iPayment makes it easy to accept electronic payments in SAP Business One

Integrated with the best-known and most reliable payment gateways worldwide, B1 iPayment provides SAP Business One users with peace of mind and improved productivity by processing transactions in a fast, automated and secure way.

Key features & benefits


Electronic payments offer significant cost savings for companies, cutting out the expenses associated with non-electronic transactions such as posting, deposits, manual processes, and security measures. Meanwhile, they provide a faster and more secure means of processing payments, eliminating risks associated with handling cash and paper checks. Additionally, storing customer information allows for smoother transactions, enhancing customer retention and satisfaction by offering 24/7 payment options. Automating payment processes ensures prompt receipt of funds, contributing to a healthy cash flow and business growth. Furthermore, with support for multiple payment gateways, businesses have the freedom to choose the provider that best fits their preferences, location, and support needs, thus maximizing flexibility and efficiency.


B1 iPayment ensures security and compliance with PCI DSS standards by partnering with leading payment service providers renowned for their adherence to strict security protocols. Aligning with GDPR guidelines, businesses have the option to refrain from storing any personally identifiable information of credit card holders. Through tokenization, B1 iPayment maintains a data-free environment, as it neither stores nor processes card details, relying solely on representative tokens. Additionally, businesses can enhance security by sending customers secure links to input their card information directly into trusted payment service provider forms, eliminating the need for internal handling of sensitive data. Leveraging fraud prevention data-checking adds an extra layer of security, bolstering confidence in transaction integrity.


Automate your payment processes seamlessly with B1 iPayment integrated into SAP Business One. From Sales Orders to Accounts Receivable, B1 iPayment handles authorizations and settlements automatically, streamlining your workflow. Boost productivity further by combining B1 iPayment with B1 Print & Delivery, sending personalized emails with embedded payment links for effortless transactions. Offer customers instant payment options with Pay Now links, while batch processing streamlines credit card transactions. Prevent overdue payments with the Credit Card Expiration Report, ensuring cards are updated before billing cycles. Stay organized with the Mass Link Generator, exporting CSV files for easy credit card information collection. With support for multiple cards and one-time customers, B1 iPayment caters to diverse payment scenarios. Additionally, B1 iPayment supports Square for Point-of-Sale solutions, ensuring comprehensive payment capabilities tailored to your business needs.


Ensure a smooth transition with the Go-Live Checklist, simplifying the configuration of B1 iPayment to your chosen payment gateway. In the event of any issues, rely on the Troubleshooting Assistant for step-by-step guidance through detailed action logs and recommended solutions. Expand your horizons beyond SAP Business One by integrating B1 iPayment with third-party systems like e-commerce stores, fostering a seamless flow of operations across platforms for enhanced efficiency and reach.

B1 Intercompany

Automate your document flow and achieve better control between your connected companies

Boyum IT’s B1 InterCompany is the solution for facilitating smoother business transactions between parent companies and subsidiaries using SAP Business One. Simplifying communication and collaboration across your organization.

Picture this: your data, documents, and transactions flow effortlessly between SAP Business One databases, simplifying your daily operations. With B1 InterCompany, managing transactions within your company becomes easy, saving you from manual data entry headaches.

Our intercompany solution helps organizations to manage daily business
transactions that impact different legal entities including operational general business flows from sales orders to purchase orders, inventory, and other master data replication across companies. With B1 InterCompany, you’re not just managing intercompany operations;
you’re bringing your entire organization closer together.

Key features & benefits


Navigating intercompany transactions and coordinating integration across various business units or subsidiaries can be operationally intricate. B1 InterCompany simplifies procurement processes for greater efficiency


Rest assured that all subsidiaries maintain consistent master data, encompassing Inventory information, Customer and supplier details, Equipment serial numbers, Bill of Materials and personalised User Defined fields.


Real-time monitoring, automated transaction flows, standardized procedures, segregation of duties, and audit trails enhance operational
visibility and ensure effective traceability among your business entities.


Automating intercompany transactions in SAP Business One simplifies data entry and enhances the exchange of trade documents between
different business units (e.g., purchase orders, receipts, invoices, credit memos).


Improve database control for error prevention and centralized management. Optimize trade and master data processes to unlock better
opportunities. Experience real-time operations to improve decision making.