Busy Bee – SAP Business One

Busy Bee has been operating in Malta for the past 90 years, and throughout the years, they have seen exceptional growth within their business, expanding their manufacturing site and opening new outlets around the island.

However, with such growth, Busy Bee has faced multiple challenges, the greatest being that they did not have a single source of truth. Across their different departments, they were using different systems and programs which created inefficiency and difficulty in communication among these departments.

Apart from this, Busy Bee was also struggling as their market became more challenging. They required more data to react in time, and such reaction needed to be based on factual and reliable information. So, Busy Bee needed a system that was able to:

  • Centralize data
  • Allow everyone to have visibility into various aspects of the business
  • Grow and evolve with the business
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Manage different accounting and financial needs

After careful consideration, Busy Bee selected SAP Business One, and enlisted the help of MAP IT to implement the solution. MAP IT was chosen for their ability to understand and evaluate Busy Bee’s operations, and offer a tailored solution to meet their specific needs.

Since implementing SAP Business One, Busy Bee has benefited from a unified and streamlined approach to inventory tracking across all business areas. Accurate data is readily available to all heads of departments, eliminating the need to wait for reports or navigate different systems for critical information.

Ultimately, SAP Business One has allowed Busy Bee to achieve enhanced collaboration across their departments and realize significant cost savings. With confidence in their IT system, Busy Bee can now pursue further expansion without hesitation.