Save up to €5000 when purchasing an e-Commerce Site

The e-Commerce Grant Scheme

Are you looking to build your next e-Commerce system but haven’t found the right provider yet? If you build an e-Commerce system which hosts a payment gateway with MAP IT, you will be eligible for a 50% rebate of up to €5000 euros.

In 2016 MAP IT were registered as an e-Commerce grant scheme service providers. This means that more elaborate e-Commerce systems started being proposed by MAP IT, since the available budget of our clients was much larger. Our clients are very pleased with the current systems that have been developed and are now looking to invest further into their systems.

We offer a choice of two levels of e-Commerce platforms. One may either opt to use our basic E-Commerce platform based on the open-source software, WordPress, or else opt for our fully tailor-made and customizable e-Commerce platform.

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MAP IT offers two different choices of systems to cater for different requirements and budgets. Our clients can either opt for a stylish off the shelf system package which caters for all the basic e-Commerce features of have a fully customizable e-Commerce platform developed and tailored for your specific requirements, including the functionalities you require.

The off the shelf package is a consolidated system which is built to be fully functional as an eCommerce system with possibility of integration with third party applications & plugins. This platform will make administration tasks as well as processes within the business and cycle of a purchase of a service or product much easier.

We suggest the use of the WooCommerce system to be used for the basic off the shelf platform. The system caters for all of the functionalities needed. This off the shelf software caters for the selling of products in a well designed frontend website which is tied in to the well known WordPress backend. This system follows the official selling procedure for an online shop, ensuring that all E-commerce best practices are implemented.

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WordPress & WooCommerce

Design & Layout

The layout will be created based on the templates which there are readily available on the Market which are approved by MAP IT. The possibilities are endless with thousands of templates on the internet to choose from.

Built-in Analytics & Reporting

Love to crunch the numbers? Google Analytics makes a lot possible but WooCommerce have included some basic reporting and analysis capability in core to help you understand how your customers are faring. WooCommerce also have a growing number of integrations with leading 3rd party services.

Wide Variety and Capacity In Products

Whatever you can think of selling, is doable through WooCommerce. As part of the WooCommerce system, a wider range of options is available and extensions for pretty much everything under the sun when it comes to product type, and the flexibility thereof.

Modern and clean interface:

WooCommerce is designed to mesh fluidly with the current trends of the default WordPress themes and templates- keeping your store design modern and in-line with current design trends.

Improved experience for store owners:

Our admin settings are structured to be used easily on hand-held devices, offering you a superior user experience to update your store on the move.

Integrates with WordPress content:

Great brands are built on publishing and content and WooCommerce is built on WordPress which means you can integrate eCommerce seamlessly with the world’s favourite blogging platform.

Unlimited possibilities:

WooCommerce can handle anything from one product to thousands with effectiveness critically dependant on the hosting solution you choose.

Inventory management:

You can manage your store’s inventory easily, track stock levels, hold stock for a period if an order is cancelled, receive notifications to a custom email address (for both low and out of stock items), hide out-of-stock items and more.

Integrated Marketing and SEO:

If only it were as simple as starting a store and the customers would come to you. Marketing is vital and WooCommerce core is bundled with features that will help you reach people, including SEO, coupons, product reviews and more. Plus there are extensions for when you’re ready to take things up a notch, like intelligent product recommendations.

Customized E-Commerce Platform

Design & Layout

Trust MAP IT to design the perfect layout for your front-end website and store. This is what your clients will be seeing so we feel this always gets most importance. Our team of designers will ensure that the best designs for your website purpose will be provided.

Pre-set templates can be utilized instead of having a customized design created. This will be chosen from the off-the-shelf templates and will have less customizations available. However, minor customizations to the design and functionality of these templates can be carried out.

Simplified Payment Gateway Integration

Our Custom platform allows us to easily integrate with any local or foreign payment gateway. Cash and cheques are becoming a thing of the past slowly slowly and we aim to keep up with the trend of transferring payments through third party services.

A Solid Open Source .NET Backend

Our custom e-Commerce platform is built on a .NET framework this allows us to carry out many more customizations to the system and functionalities. Rendering our development limitations at the extent of your imagination.

Product Attributes:

Create as many attributes for your products as you need, such as size and color — each with its own SKU, price, weight, image and stock level. Store owners can add text options to products for shoppers to fill in, such as initials for monogrammed products. The shoppers can also upload files, for example, for custom prints on shirts.

Stock Management:

The inventory management allows store owners to discern physical stock and available quantities. You can easily manage backorder and pre-order status for each product. Multiple warehouses, partial deliveries, stock management by product attributes (such as colour and size) are supported.

Search Engine Friendly:

To make store pages more search engine friendly, a store owner has full access to keyword tags and customized URLs management sections. Our Platform also supports product pages with SEO-friendly names out of the box.

Warehouse Management:

Our custom E-commerce platform allows you to setup multiple warehouses for a more advanced control over your stock and their locations. This platform can be used for stores with multiple outlets.

Interactive Client Accounts:

The online shop platform also hosts a feature packed client area which gives the users full view of all their purchases. The platform caters for retargeting marketing when the user visits products, this means that when a user visits a product out of interest, this product is pushed as a recommended product.

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"Building user friendly e-Commerce platforms is one of MAP IT's main initiatives. We strongly believe in creating the best user experience when providing software to our clients as this is what would turn their leads into conversions."

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" CRM is a process of managing your interaction with potential and existing customers way beyond a sales and marketing tool. "

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