Engagement Models

MAP IT offers various consultancy services. These range from kick starting a specific initiative to addressing specific business problems. Our consultancy services are ideal for enterprise and solution architecture design, software selection, business and engineering analysis, development and testing supervision, enhancement and migration strategy and design.

Business Software Solutions

Our consultants use their technical & domain expertise with a collaborative approach to create scalable models on modern technologies. The client is free to choose us or a third party as a development partner to achieve his quality, time and cost objectives.

The choice of engagement model for consulting is the model that mitigates risks appropriately whether it is fixed cost, time & materials basis or a percentage of project cost.

What are the benefits of working with MAP IT?

You can choose to hire our developers with specific technical expertise to enhance and supplement your existing teams. This is a model that best suits clients who have on-going development needs as it ensures that our team works as an extension of the client’s team thereby providing resource flexibility, extensive scalability, cost and time efficiencies, cross trained resources and the ability to adjust to peak loads.

This model incorporates a pool of specialized, multi-disciplinary resources that are organized and managed by MAP IT to meet the client’s explicit business objectives. These resources may be expected to follow standards and procedures as per client’s requirements. Work time of the resource is reserved for a client, and he is expected to keep the workload of the resource at the agreed specified level. Furthermore the resource may work at the client’s premises or at our development centre.

Our Developers’ Expertise:

  • Application development (C#, VB.NET, Java, Actionscript 3.0)
  • Web development (ASP.NET, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, XML)
  • Graphic Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash)
  • Database development (MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access)
  • ERP systems (SAP Business One, iVP, Access Accouting)

MAP IT offers fixed-price project solutions for application development where we assume the risk and responsibility to deliver on time and within budget. This allows our customers to focus on what is important – their real business priorities. This solution works best for customers who know exactly what they want and are looking for a competitive fixed price and agreed timescale for the complete development.

Based on our past experience, the successful delivery of fixed-price projects always requires a comprehensive requirements specification which has clear acceptance criteria and defines the system requirements to a level of detail and precision such that each individual requirement is test-able. This requirements document may be the result of an earlier consulting engagement with MAP IT (or other competent third-party) or the customer’s own analysis.

During fixed-price projects, we focus on making staged deliveries of working code throughout fixed-price projects in order to provide our customers with clear evidence of progress and visibility of the end solution, matched by rigorous and well-documented testing processes, and post-live warranty periods.

When project requirements are evolving continuously, time & materials model is best suited. In this model MAP IT assigns a project team including project management, equipment and infrastructure and the client pays MAP IT per use of the hourly development efforts.

Software development project requirements tend to evolve during the course of implementation thereby necessitating additional or lesser resources. This model facilitates changes in resource types and numbers to suit the needs of the project, while optimizing on the time and costs. Under this model the development effort is billed at the end of every month based on a monthly generated time sheet and a pre-negotiated hourly rate.