What is Factorial HR ?

Factorial is the leading HR software for SMEs. It provides intuitive HR solutions that automate and centralise administrative tasks to provide insights and help your business run smoothly.

Factorial offers solutions to manage time, talent, recruitment, expenses, documents and performance to name a few. The e-signature allows your employees to digitally sign documents legally and securely. The all-in-one, user-friendly platform makes it easier for businesses to focus on what really matters: people and growth.

Their Mission Statements is to “Solves the biggest pains of small and medium companies with time-saving tools, inspiring knowledge and useful data to make businesses and people grow.”

Factorial in Numbers

+10,000 clients across 9 markets

+800,000 users in 62 countries

The Solutions

Effortlessly mange your team’s time!

Track working hours, handle holidays, and design flexible schedules all in one platform.

Say goodbye to Excel, and welcome Factorial!

  • Time tracking made easy
  • Smooth shift management
  • Easily approve time off requests

Why is time management software the key to success?

Find out now

Streamline Your Workforce

Factorial’s Talent Management Solution is crafted to streamline and elevate your HR operations by seamlessly combining recruitment, onboarding, performance evaluation, and employee development. Equipped with user-friendly tools and analytics, it enables businesses to identify and foster top talent, enhance employee engagement, and boost productivity. Revolutionize your workforce management with Factorial’s all-inclusive, intuitive platform, ensuring your team achieves its highest potential.

  • Streamline the review process
  • Enhance performance with data-driven insights
  • Identify and develop key competencies
  • Consolidate candidate information
  • Maximize employee productivity from day one
  • Increase clarity and employee satisfaction
  • Foster visibility and transparency

Payroll software that streamlines and centralizes processes

Consolidate your payroll operations for complete control, pay employees accurately with just a few clicks, and automatically update payslips with real-time compensation changes for a flawless payday.

  • Integrate with top payroll providers
  • Centralize payroll and expense management
  • Accurately reflect compensation in payslips
  • Gain payroll insights for better decision-making
  • Communicate seamlessly with your bookkeeper

Expense management software for enhanced financial control

Comprehensive employee expense management software that enables finance teams to accurately track spending and effortlessly manage budgets.

  • Monitor and limit spending
  • Empower employees with Factorial Corporate Cards
  • Gain deeper financial insights