Centralise & Automate your payroll !

Payroll Preperation & Review

Seamlessly integrate with leading payroll providers

Effortlessly connect our HR and Payroll Software with your existing providers using our open API. Easily synchronize with popular platforms like Payflow, Zuchetti, Primavera, Sage, and more.

Streamline payroll and expense management

Quickly approve expenses and automatically reimburse employees through payroll.

  • Digitize expense requests and review them instantly on desktop or mobile devices.
  • Categorize expenses to gain deeper insights into spending patterns.
  • Automatically include expenses as additional supplements in payroll calculations.

Ensure accurate compensation in payslips

Generate payslips automatically, incorporating real-time changes without manual intervention.

  • Schedule supplements for each employee according to your preferred frequency.
  • Customize our payslip software to match your company’s payment cycle.
  • Select compensation settings (fixed or variable) and let Factorial handle the calculations.
  • Define each compensation type (e.g., bonus, overtime, commissions) for clearer transparency.

Access payroll insights for informed decision-making

Empower HR teams and company leaders with comprehensive analytics and detailed reports on your organization’s payroll.

  • Gain a holistic view of new hires, terminations, contract types, and working hours.
  • Analyze trends by supplement type to enhance budget planning.
    Download precise payroll reports for in-depth people-cost analysis and data-driven decision-making.

Electronic Signature

Request E-signatures within your workflow

  • Solicit the signature of one or more employees per document seamlessly.
  • Rest assured knowing documents automatically save once signed, eliminating the risk of data loss.
  • Maintain complete visibility into workflow statuses and any outstanding, unsigned documents to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Secure and Compliant

  • E-sign documents securely within a platform compliant with the eIDAS safety standard.
  • Request e-signatures on timesheets from employees to uphold compliance with Working Time Regulations.
  • Trust in the security of your data, safeguarded by our robust encryption system and single access per user.