Track performance & hire the best !

Employee Performance

Streamline the review process

  • Set up automated cycles for recurring feedback on a monthly, yearly, or customized basis.
  • Automatically notify reviewers via email.
  • Collect all reviewer feedback directly through the employee performance review software.
  • Create customizable groups of reviewers (teams, offices, or individuals) and assign supervisors.
  • Include self-reviews alongside 360° reviews for a comprehensive evaluation.
  • Craft personalized reviews tailored to individual needs.
  • Choose from pre-defined review questions or create custom ones.
  • Instantly generate appraisal templates using questions from your archive.
  • Broaden the scope of reviews with varied question formats such as short answer, rating, or multiple choice.
  • Specify whether answers are mandatory and whether submissions are anonymous.

Drive Employee Productivity from Day One

  • Monitor the status of each review to keep the process on track.
  • Adapt to real-time changes with editable questions.
  • Review performance evaluation comments directly within the platform.
  • Monitor employee responses as they are submitted.

Identify competencies for development

  • Evaluate employees on defined competencies.
  • Visualize strengths and weaknesses using a competency matrix.
  • Track shifts in these skills over time to create targeted performance improvement plans and foster employee growth.
  • Assess performance and potential using a 9 box grid.

Encourage and monitor training

  • Identify training needs and develop action plans.
  • Assign training courses to individual employees and track their progress as they enhance their skill sets.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training courses and make necessary adjustments.


Talent Acquistion

Discover top talent instantly

  • Manage job openings across multiple platforms from a single interface, thanks to integrations with Indeed, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Quickly filter CVs based on skills and qualifications.
  • Choose from a variety of pre-written message templates to instantly reach out to preferred candidates.

Craft a personalised experience

  • Gain a competitive advantage over other employers with custom-designed careers pages.
  • Develop tailored application forms to resonate with each potential hire.
  • Customize pipeline steps to seamlessly integrate with your current workflow.

Centralize candidate information

  • Securely store candidate details in an encrypted, GDPR-compliant system.
  • Easily transition candidates to employees with just a few clicks.
  • Obtain valuable insights through reports based on talent acquisition data.

Stand out in the crowd

  • Ensure all candidates, whether successful or not, receive a response to their applications.
  • Utilize automated email workflows and customizable email templates for timely responses.
  • Enhance the candidate experience to cultivate a positive employer image and attract future applicants.

Onboarding / Offboarding

Enhance your employer brand

  • Utilize candidate information stored during recruitment to streamline onboarding for new hires.
  • Assign customized workflows to new employees, outlining precise steps to follow.
  • Extend a warm welcome through our internal communication channel, showcasing your company culture with shoutouts.
  • Gather valuable testimonials by simplifying the departure process with employee offboarding software.

Drive employee productivity from day one

  • Prepare for new hires ahead of time with preboarding workflows, ensuring administrative tasks are completed before day one.
  • Automate onboarding workflows and allocate tasks to individuals.
  • Keep everyone informed with direct email notifications.
  • Centralize necessary actions for new hires in the Welcome Space within our employee onboarding software.

Enhance clarity and employee satisfaction

  • Facilitate the exchange of responsibilities between employees.
  • Maintain clear communication between HR and other employees to meet deadlines.
  • Allow employees to securely e-sign contracts and documents within our onboarding and offboarding software.
  • Enable smooth departures with digital offboarding processes.

Goals & OKR

Empower employee success

  • Assign personalized goals with defined timeframes to individual team members.
  • Tailor objectives to suit various roles and levels of seniority.
  • Seamlessly integrate with our Performance Management tool to include OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) in 360-degree reviews.

Enhance visibility and transparency

  • Centralize team members’ goals and track progress clearly using tags like “progressing,” “up to date,” and “at risk.”
  • Keep employees informed about their status and empower them to manage their own growth.
  • Utilize data from our HR Reports & Analytics tool to establish more impactful goals that drive meaningful change.