Track time, build shifts and approve time off !

Time off

Manage time off requests from employees

Manage time off requests instantly

  • Streamline and centralize your holiday request system using our annual leave management software.
  • Assign a time-off supervisor to each employee to approve or reject time-off requests.
  • Respond to requests with a single click via desktop or mobile app, and specify whether employees can edit their time-off once submitted.

Get full visibility

  • Take control over your team’s holidays and absences with an automatically updated team calendar.
  • Monitor all absence requests and holidays in one view, and easily track used and outstanding leave per employee.
  • Empower your team to review their available days and manage their own time off, while seamlessly syncing the Factorial holiday calendar with your Google Calendar.

Implement policies easily

  • Establish time-off policies and assign them to employees based on their level and type.
  • Define the amount of holidays or paid time off that can be accrued or carried over from one year to the next, and effortlessly calculate paid time off accrual with our leave management system.
  • Create as many paid and unpaid time off policies as needed, including sick leaves, medical appointments, and surgeries.

Make better business decisions

  • Factorial’s leave tracking software utilizes time-off data to generate custom reports, providing deeper insights into your workforce for confident decision-making.
  • Generate reports and group time-off data by office or team, enabling easy monitoring of all employees’ past and upcoming leaves at a glance.
  • Download annual and monthly summaries of employees’ absences for comprehensive record-keeping.

Time tracking

Track each employee’s workday and improve productivty

Tailored to your requirements

  • Establish schedules for your team members and compare anticipated hours with actual hours worked using our Time Tracking & Attendance Software.
  • Identify employees who have completed their scheduled shifts.
  • Gain insight into work locations, whether at home, in-office, or on-site.
  • Customize time tracking policies for each individual.
  • Attach notes to shifts using Factorial’s online timesheet software.
  • Formulate custom groups with varying permissions.

Attain complete visibility

  • Review daily hours worked and approve or reject timesheets effortlessly.
  • Access a comprehensive overview of attendance, missed hours, and overtime.
  • Review daily timesheets and shifts using our time tracking software.
  • Monitor overtime hours seamlessly with automatic payroll integration.
  • Receive notifications for clock-ins/outs from locations outside the office.

Track time anywhere

  • Enable remote clock-ins and clock-outs for employees via the time tracking app.
  • Enhance security with QR code and geolocation features.
  • Enable flexible work arrangements by allowing clock-ins from anywhere via app or Slack.
  • Allow employees to manually adjust their records for improved accuracy.
  • Receive alerts for clock-ins/outs from outside the office using geolocation.

Gain deeper insights

  • Make informed decisions using reports derived from your team’s working time data.
  • Access visibility into outstanding and worked hours, categorized by location.
  • Download weekly and monthly summaries of your team’s working hours.
  • Easily identify employees not meeting their working hour requirements with a glance.

Shift Management

Set employees work schedules

Assign shifts to your entire team

  • Utilize Factorial scheduling software to promptly inform employees about their work schedules and days off.
  • Plan schedules with clear visibility using a one-month calendar view.
  • Assign shifts remotely to individuals, teams, offices, or locations.
  • Instantly notify employees of published or modified shifts.
  • Automatically generate each shift plan based on your 20 most recent rotas.

Craft flexible schedules

  • Exercise complete control over shift planning with our user-friendly tools.
  • Delete shifts directly from the same cell for seamless adjustments.
  • Make and publish changes at any time.
  • Undo modifications with a single click within our shift planning tool.
  • Automatically inform employees of any alterations to their shifts.

Enhance shift visibility

  • Personalize your calendar to meet your requirements with our staff scheduling software.
  • Manage shifts alongside absences, holidays, scheduled time off, payroll, and more.
  • Foster transparency with a centralized calendar accessible to the entire team.
  • Easily filter shifts by location, office, or employee for efficient scheduling.

Automatically resolve conflicts

  • Reduce the risk of errors with shift scheduling software that promptly alerts managers of overlapping shifts or absence clashes.
  • Seamlessly integrate with our leave management tool to view absences and shifts in one calendar.
  • Receive alerts when a shift is already assigned to an employee or overlaps on a specific day.
  • Automatically calculate hours worked in payroll for precise compensation.