A little bit about MAP.SUITE & Business Software Solutions

MAP.SUITE provides professional companies of any size with a simple, easy to use suite of products designed to enhance productivity. The suite currently has 6 products available: MAP.TIME, MAP.CRM, MAP.JOB, MAP.BOOK, MAP.COURSE & MAP.HELP which form our array of business software solutions. These products are completely modular and as such the suite can be purchased with any number of the products activated.


To run a successful business it is important to focus on Customer relationship management (CRM). Customer acquisition is costly making it imperative to develop stronger, lasting relationships with your clients.

MAP.CRM is a web based software solution for customer relationship management and sales force automation. It helps you track your leads, prospects and opportunities allowing you to focus on what is important – building a relationship with your potential clients.

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Job scheduling software

Job scheduling is not trivial. Trust us, we know. Our Job scheduling solution allows you to easily handle requests from your customers and schedule jobs for your employees.

MAP.JOB allows you to use information entered by your employees to generate the proper rosters timesheets and most importantly invoices. The web based system is easy to use and flexible enough to handle various different scheduling requirements.

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Timesheet software

Want to eliminate paper-based and Excel Timesheets? Our Timesheet solution allows your employees to enter time worked on particular projects in an easy to use and simple web based system. You can then manage billing, track productivity and view reports to aid in your project management.

MAP.TIME allows you to utilize your resources efficiently by providing you with real-time project information. This information will allow you to plan efficiently for the future and help deliver your projects on time, every time.

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course scheduling software

MAP.COURSE provides professional educational departments with the capability to schedule in lessons, keep attendance with a simple, easy to use suite of products designed to enhance productivity.

An intuitive solution for the scheduling of courses aimed at commercial training companies and organisations providing external training courses.

MAP.COURSE combines all the functionality required to manage the business side of training from course scheduling and course booking through to customer relationships and finally invoicing.

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Hotel booking software

MAP.BOOK provides an easy to use web interface for a reservation management system. It is based on a robust and secure database and allows bookings to be scheduled by room or by bed.

This booking system provides an innovative scheduler allowing you to graphically view your rooms and reservations. It also features the ability for users to drag and drop unscheduled bookings into the scheduler.
the MAP.BOOK system can be used for different scenarios, being:
1) Hotels
2) Hostels
3) Host Families
4) Apartment bookings
5) Room bookings
6) Bed bookings
7) Campsite bookings
8) Short Let bookings

Essentially this system is a fully customizable solution to tracking your bookings and billing your clients. The amount of variables you can already add to a room make this a very flexible tool, which caters for many if not all of the usual demands.
Apart from this additional costs can be added on to a booking to cover any costs which may arise from said booking (Taxi fees, Additional Services, Food & Drink provisions, electricity etc.).

This module then ties into the billing system and allows the user to send the client an invoice with all of the above information listed. Following this, when a payment is made the invoice is marked as paid on the system.

This system can be integrated in an iframe onto any website, avoiding the user leaving the main site of the establishment offering the service.

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Helpdesk system

MAP.SUITE provides small professional companies with a simple, easy to use suite of products designed to enhance productivity.

MAP.HELP is a support system that was designed to help your help desk team manage support requests from your end-users.

It supports multiple companies and departments and can integrate into your active directory for easy user authentication. The entire support system can also create invoices against the time spent on tasks, whilst keeping an eye on all open support tickets.

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HR management software

MAP.HR is a leave approval system which is quickly becoming a favourite product in the MAP.SUITE amongst our clients.
The system allows your employees to request leave through a web based portal. The leave requests can then be approved by management.
The system is designed to be flexible to allow for multiple approval structures.

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Why choose our software?

At MAP IT, we know just how fierce the markets are out there. When there is so much competition, the last thing your company needs is an IT-related problem. That’s why we fully-qualified, graduate IT professionals wholly understand the importance of running seamless IT services. In fact, we do not simply offer IT services, we offer solutions.

MAP IT is a company founded by two members, Mark Abela and Anton Pisani. We offer the perfect blend of new-age talent and experience. Although a young company, we boast several satisfied clients already. Individually, we have been working in IT for over 10 years. Combined, we form one of the most dynamic, talented and inspired teams of IT professionals on the Island.

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Very efficient way to log the work done by myself and my dependents.
The software makes it very easy to log the jobs being done together with the material used during each job to be able to edit, invoice and search for machine history on the machine in question. Was easy to ask for modifications to be added on to the basic software to enhance performance.
Easily allows me and my employees to log the jobs done at various clients including the material used to process and invoice at a later stage. History can be also retrieved with regards to machines or spare parts used for further reports.

Alan SpiteriAlan Spiteri Manuf. Support & Serv.