MAP.JOB, Our Job Scheduling Software

Malta has a local company which focuses on Business Software Solutions. MAP IT’s main focus is the creation of these business software solutions for local and foreign based businesses, this is done through the MAP.SUITE. One of the modules in this suite is Our Job scheduling solution which allows you to easily handle requests from your customers and schedule jobs for your employees.

MAP.JOB allows you to use information entered by your employees to generate the proper rosters timesheets and most importantly invoices. The web based system is easy to use and flexible enough to handle various different scheduling requirements. Pricelists can be set up for your individual products and services and these are the items which will be included in the invoice.

Job Scheduling Software

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MAP.JOB Pricing



Per Month (excl.VAT)Hosted Online

1 User



Per Month (excl.VAT)Hosted Online

Save €20

10 Users



Per Month (excl.VAT)Hosted Online

Save €100

25 Users



Per Month (excl.VAT)Hosted Online

Save €300

50 Users



Per Month (excl.VAT)Hosted Online

Save €800

100 Users

Why choose our software?

At MAP IT, we know just how fierce the markets are out there. When there is so much competition, the last thing your company needs is an IT-related problem. That’s why we fully-qualified, graduate IT professionals wholly understand the importance of running seamless IT services. In fact, we do not simply offer IT services, we offer solutions.

MAP IT is a company founded by two members, Mark Abela and Anton Pisani. We offer the perfect blend of new-age talent and experience. Although a young company, we boast several satisfied clients already. Individually, we have been working in IT for over 10 years. Combined, we form one of the most dynamic, talented and inspired teams of IT professionals on the Island.

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Very efficient way to log the work done by myself and my dependents.
The software makes it very easy to log the jobs being done together with the material used during each job to be able to edit, invoice and search for machine history on the machine in question. Was easy to ask for modifications to be added on to the basic software to enhance performance.
Easily allows me and my employees to log the jobs done at various clients including the material used to process and invoice at a later stage. History can be also retrieved with regards to machines or spare parts used for further reports.

Alan SpiteriAlan Spiteri Manuf. Support & Serv.