What is Mari Project?

With MARIProject, you optimize the workflow of projects in many areas:

Starting with calculation, resource planning, project time recording, invoicing, evaluations, up to support and service functions. MARIProject is  the project software for SAP Business One which is suitable and ideal for project-oriented companies.

  • MARIProject contains all relevant data in just one software. Meaning time-consuming data transfer from time sheets to the billing software, for example, will soon be a thing of the past. What’s more: The fewer different software systems you use, the more you save on maintenance costs and interface maintenance effort.
  • In the capacity display, you can see directly whether the planned resource is available at the required time.
  • Integration with SAP Business One shortens processes such as approvals because they take place via the mobile app. Invoicing also saves time because it is automated in many areas.
  • MARIProject contains over 200 standard project evaluations. In addition, you can flexibly set up your own project reports and dashboards and keep an eye on your projects on a daily basis.

Mari Project Benefits

  • When creating sales quotations, you use defaults such as item prices from SAP Business One.
  • In MARIProject, you choose a calculation method for your projects, such as the overhead calculation.
  • When you create the sales quotation, you see your margin directly.
  • You can work with different currencies and use multiple companies.
  • Engineering, construction and operations: After you have received the current prices from your suppliers, you automatically transfer them as purchase price into the calculation.
  • The project team can record their project times on a mobile basis.
  • For this purpose, the project manager defines a limit per project, which may not be exceeded when recording hours. This way, you keep project costs under control.
  • MARIProject supports different working time models such as part-time, full-time, overtime, flextime, home office, etc.
  • In addition, MARIProject supports the complete vacation management from the request to the entry in the project calendar.
  • Of particular interest to service providers: Once recorded, project hours can be exported as a time sheet per project, per week or month as an attachment to the invoice.
  • MARIProject supports all common billing methods: Fixed price, at cost, down payment, payment claim and repetitive billing.
  • MARIProject comes with a useful billing wizard: The wizard shows all positions of a project that can be invoiced at a certain point in time, even travel expenses or retentions.
  • Once the invoice is created, the amounts are automatically posted to the financial accounting in SAP Business One.
  • MARIProject also supports the internal allocation of services.
  • Of particular interest to SMBs in the construction industry: With MARIProject, you can calculate the work in progress (WIP of plants under construction) according to IAS / US-GAAP or your individual specifications. Subsequently, the values are automatically transferred to the financial accounting/balance sheet.
  • Special feature not only for service providers: In the approval step, you determine how many hours will be charged to the customer.
  • MARIProject provides more than 200 analyses by default, such as degree of completion, remaining volume, planned/actual hours comparison, project totals etc.
  • In addition, you can freely define company-specific evaluations, such as a breakeven analysis per project.
  • Feature for construction and engineering companies: For projects with long durations, numerous services and items, daily updated smart dashboards help to keep track of running costs.
  • Typical requirements of the service industry are: “How many hours have we worked on this project and how many of those are billable?” or “What is the employee capacity for the next few months?” Questions like these can be answered in easy-to-generate dashboards with real-time data.
For midsize EC&O companies

  • For the installed plants, you can schedule maintenance intervals, as well as the duration of maintenance and the service employee. Subsequently, MARIProject automatically generates a breakdown of costs.
  • You also have the option to define check lists that the service employee can access on his mobile device.
  • Once the customer has confirmed successful maintenance with his signature on the mobile device, the task can be invoiced and posted directly by means of the billing wizard.
  • MARIProject is available OnPremise as well as in the Cloud.
  • The current security requirements of the GDPR are supported.
  • MARIProject supports a distinguished authorization concept and a Two-Factor Authentication.