What is Produmex Scan ?

Produmex Scan is a robust and reliable barcode scanning solution for SAP Business One that seamlessly automates warehouse and inventory transactions. The solution supports multiple warehouse operators, processing high volumes of transactions while maintaining high performance.
All major SAP Business One inventory transactions are supported in real-time including PO receipts, bin moves, lot/serial tracking, pick lists and deliveries, as well as Production Order transactions for the issue and receipt of stock. Produmex Scan also fully integrates with SAP Bins, Multiple Unit of Measure and Barcode/GTIN functionality.

Increase warehouse velocity with Produmex Scan


Quickly and easily tailor to your data and process needs. Proven implementation & methodolgy


Reduce inventory and operating costs.
Increase customer satisfaction with improved

Improve Visibility

Complete real-time integration provides instant visibility and treaceability

Increase Productivity

Leverage barcode scanning technology to
streamline all warehouse transactions.

Increase Accuracy

Barcode scanning delivers greater accuracy
than manual transactions

SAP Business One & Pordumex Scan

The majority of SAP Business One customers have a warehouse and stock
that needs to be processed quickly and accurately. Produmex Scan is designed specifically for these requirements, whether dealing with dozens or hundreds of transactions. The ideal customer is one requiring a solution that is very easy to implement and configure, and which sidesteps the complexities of larger logistics systems.

Produmex Scan’s strength lies in simplicity versus complexity, providing easy to use functionality without compromising on performance. Straightforward business processes are available out of the box, enabling customers to achieve a swift return on their investment, and SAP Business One tools can be used to adapt and customize data capture and processes as required.