What is Produmex WMS ?

Produmex WMS is a sophisticated and comprehensive warehouse management solution for SAP Business One that can transform your logistics processes into finely tuned operations that drive productivity and profitability in your supply chain. The solution supports multiple warehouses and operators, processing high volumes of transactions all while maintaining high performance.

All supply chain transactions are supported in real time, including Container and PO receiving, pallet build and directed put-away on the inbound side, and Pick Management (including Truck Route capabilities), inventory allocation, picking with shelf life considerations, pack out with compliance and shipping labeling and shipping on the outbound side. Deep lot/ batch and serialization capabilities make Produmex WMS a strong fit for regulated industries, with support for GS1, SSCC and GS1-128 barcodes improving both productivity and accuracy. The system is rounded off with Integrated Quality Management and Scale/Silo integration.

Increase warehouse efficiency, productivity & profitability

Increase Productivity

Leverage barcode scanning technology to
streamline all warehouse transactions.

Improve Visibility

Complete real-time integration provides instant visibility and treaceability

Increase Accuracy

Barcode scanning delivers greater accuracy
than manual transactions


Reduce inventory and operating costs.
Increase customer satisfaction with improved


Quick and easy to configure to suit your data
and processes.

SAP Business One & Pordumex WMS

SAP Business One’s core architecture is designed for Wholesale and Distribution companies, many of which have complex supply chain requirements that Produmex WMS can cater for as standard. Today the majority of companies are part of a global supply chain that requires speed, agility, traceability and often compliance. Produmex WMS delivers core warehouse functionality to meet these needs while remaining adaptable.

The strength of Produmex WMS lies in its comprehensive feature set for Warehouse Management requirements, from simple inventory transaction processes to license plate (SSCC) support, to customer-focused inventory allocation strategies. Sophisticated batch attribute management, and the complete backward and forward traceability provided by Produmex WMS enables customers to become fully compliant quickly and easily.