What is SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP Analytics Cloud is a cloud-based platform that offers business intelligence, predictive analytics, and planning functionalities. It allows users to analyse data from various sources, create interactive visualisations, collaborate on insights, and make data-driven decisons.

Additionally, it integrates with other SAP products and third-party applications of a comprehensive analytics solution.

  • Infuse trusted AI: Embrace the power of generative AI to automate reporting, discover hidden insights, and create and develop business plans with Joule copilot.


  • Deliver mission-critical analytics: Elevate BI capabilities and deliver industry-specific analytics with pre-built business content.


  • Transform enterprise planning: Enable collaborative planning by unifying financial, supply chain, and operational planning with a single solution.

SAP Analytics Cloud Features

Use generative AI to automate reporting, discover insights, and create and develop business plans with Joule copilot.


Enhance decision-making with trusted AI: Perform analytics and planning tasks using the Joule copilot and generative AI for efficient data analysis, risk assessment, scenario modeling, and more.


Discover insights using natural language: Empower business users to get instant and accurate answers about their data by asking questions using natural language.


Simplify complex tasks and automate workflows: Generate scripts to augment stories and enrich data models with customized calculations using generative AI.


Explore Generative AI for Analytics

Elevate BI capabilities and deliver industry-specific analytics with pre-built business content.


Accelerate time to insight: Deliver dashboards and reports with pre-built business content such as KPIs, models, and data flows for your industry or function – from spend management to workforce capital.


Deliver insights with full business context: Provide self-service analytics across your data experiences, while maintaining the semantics of mission-critical business processes.


Access insights wherever your data resides: Integrate with native connection to SAP Datasphere to access insights across your data landscape, as well as SAP S/4HANA for a live view of financial insights.

Enable collaborative planning by unifying financial, supply chain, and operational planning with a single solution.


Run complex, data-driven simulations and forecasting: Detect anomalies against plans, simulate course corrections, and automate accurate forecasts to take the next best action with SAP Analytics Cloud compass.


Power cross-organizational planning with a single data management system: Break down siloes between planning departments with one tool for data preparation, modeling, planning, and analytics with SAP Datasphere integration.


Implement extended planning and analysis (xP&A): Plan across all lines of business by combining transactions, analytics, and planning with SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain, and third-party data.

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