SAP Customer Checkout

The SAP Customer Checkout application provides point-of-sale management and real-time sales and stock updates.

Equip your sales team with the essential point-of-sale capabilities necessary to thrive in various industries such as sports and entertainment, retail, merchandising, and catering. SAP Customer Checkout caters to typical POS needs and offers integration with ERP systems for enhanced versatility.

Key Benefits:

Utilize SAP Customer Checkout either as a standalone system or seamlessly integrate it into your existing setup. Streamline your operations by directly transmitting transactions to your warehouse management and accounting applications through integration with SAP S/4HANA or alternative ERP systems.

Tailor your POS processes to fit your business perfectly. SAP Customer Checkout provides customizable user interfaces designed to meet the unique requirements of retail, merchandising, catering, or sports and entertainment enterprises.

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your preferred point-of-sale device. With SAP Customer Checkout, take advantage of hardware device independence and deploy the solution on any POS device that suits your business needs.

SAP Customer Checkout Features

  • Streamline sales, returns, payments, coupon redemptions, and gift card transactions through a centralized POS system.


  • Enable seamless integration with SAP S/4HANA or alternative ERP systems, or utilize it as a standalone application.


  • Gain access to real-time reports, exercise control over sales and financial outcomes, and expand and customize the application with adaptable scalability.
  • Utilize the application across diverse industries such as professional services, wholesale distribution, fashion, grocery stores, electronics, and retail.


  • Enhance customer satisfaction with exclusive loyalty programs and customized gift cards to create a unique experience.


  • Efficiently manage inventory by monitoring real-time stock availability and seamlessly handling omnichannel point-of-sale (POS) transactions.
  • Employ the application across various sectors including professional services, wholesale distribution, fashion, grocery stores, electronics, and retail.


  • Deliver a distinctive customer experience through tailored loyalty programs and personalized gift cards.


  • Monitor real-time stock availability and manage omnichannel point-of-sale (POS) transactions efficiently.
  • Interact with patrons at sports clubs, merchandise shops, stadiums, cultural venues, or various entertainment venues.


  • Offer loyalty programs to your fans, allowing them to accumulate and redeem loyalty points directly at the point of sale.


  • Empower fans and customers to place orders for food and beverages using their mobile devices.


  • Facilitate online ordering, cashless payments, and point-of-sale pickups in merchandise stores or kiosks.

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